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Not sure where to start your Karate or Martial Arts journey – we have the perfect training academy for you.  Qualified and professional Martial Arts Instructors and Karate Training for Juniors, Kids and Adults.

Stafford Martial Arts Academy

Junior Karate, Kids Karate and Adult Karate – Stafford Martial Arts Academy, home to Sensei Paul Smith and helping Karate students become better Martial Artists.

Martial Arts and Karate Training

Join Stafford Martial Arts Academy today, and become a part of our welcoming Karate family.  We train all levels of Karate from beginner, Junior, Kid and through to Adult.

Improve Self Defence and Gain Confidence

We are here to help you succeed and improve your Martial Arts skills and experience Karate in the best possible way.  Train with the best at Stafford Martial Arts Academy.

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Stafford Martial Arts Academy, Improve Your Karate

Stafford Martial Arts Academy opened in 2003 as a fully equipped purpose built Martial Arts training academy.  Designed to offer junior karate lessons and adult martial arts training.  Karate students enjoy varied disciplined karate lessons, whilst their parents can relax and watch in our friendly coffee lounge.

Stafford Martial Arts Academy is the training venue for all MSKF (Midland Shotokan Karate Federation) Black Belts and the head office for the MSKF.  The training academy is run by 5th Dan and senior instructor Sensei Paul Smith who’s aim is to help all students become better martial artists and further the teaching of karate.

Increase Confidence

Learn Self Defence

Improve Your Fitness

Become More Flexible

Learn Martial Arts

Be Part of Our Family

Sensei Paul Smith 

Junior Karate

Junior Karate

Our Junior Martial Arts program is focused on helping your child develop and is a great way to introduce them to Martial Arts and Karate.  Build up their confidence, strength and fitness whilst learning a valuable life skill.  Join our Junior Dragons Karate Class today.

Juniors: 6.15pm  – 7.05pm
Monday, Thursday & Friday

12+ Karate

Kids Karate

Handling yourself in tough circumstances is made easier with our Kids Karate Class (12+) designed to teach discipline, self confidence and self development.  Progress through the various belts on your Martial Arts journey and you will become more empowered and confident.

Kids 12+: 7.25pm  – 8.30pm
Monday, Thursday & Friday

Adult Karate

Adult Karate

Gain confidence, build your fitness and be part of our community, is what you will experience when you join our Adult Karate Classes.  From beginners to experienced black belts, our Martial Arts program will coach, guide and support you in becoming a better Martial Artist.

Seniors: 7.25pm  – 8.30pm
Monday, Thursday & Friday

Walking Karate

Senior Karate

A none competitive more relaxed no pressure way to enjoy Martial Arts. Gain confidence, flexibility, and fitness. Ages range from 50 to 80+ this is what you will experience when you join our Senior Walking Karate Classes

Seniors / Walking: 7.00pm  – 8.00pm,  Tuesday

Stafford Martial Arts Academy

address:       Stafford Martial Arts Academy, Paul Reynolds Centre, Back Browning St, Stafford, ST16 3AX.

telephone:    07977 697 689

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Read Our Customer Reviews

Steven Miranda

Have been hosted by this club multiple times. Always a great visit. Great group of students and instructors. Highly recommended for Aikido and self-defense training.

Jordan Mace

Definitely a place to go if you like exercise and meeting friendly people. I’ve been for a year and its one of the best decisions I made and hope to carry it on!

Dhiraj Kumar

Great place to get your kids to learn self defence and boost confidence.

Steve Kirk

Great place to train. Really well run kids sessions and adults get a good work out too. Come on down!

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