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Meet Aaron Dry who will help you improve your Karate

Aaron Dry 1st Dan Black Belt

Stafford Martial Arts Academy is proud to introduce Aaron Dry


Years Training:


Training history & important dates:

Began training in shotokan karate in 2005 under sensei Paul Smith.

Trained at Stafford karate whilst also competing in serveral kumite competitions through the years most notably 3rd place MSKF Championships 2011 AND 1ST place MSKF national championships 2012.

Attained 1st Dan black belt on 4th march 2018.

Currently training to progress forward onto 2nd Dan. whilst expanding experience and skilset in helping junior belts in their training, gradings and assisting with training sessions along with the other black belts.

The instructors at Stafford Martial Arts Academy have one aim, to help you become a better martial artist and further the teaching of karate.

Improve Your Karate and Become a Better Martial Artist – call Paul on 07977 697 689

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