Stafford Martial Arts Academy Instructors

Meet Paul Smith who will help you improve your Karate

Sensei Paul Smith 5th Dan

Stafford Martial Arts Academy is run by senior instructor and head of the Midland Shotokan Karate Federation Sensei Paul Smith 5th Dan.


Training history & important dates:

Started training in 1986 under senior instructor G.A.Phillips.

Attained grade of 1st Dan black belt on 12/6/92

Attained grade of 2nd Dan black belt on 22/11/95

And became assistant chief British instructor same year for G.A.P International.

Attained grade of 3rd Dan on 5/03/98 promoted to chief British instructor.

Awarded grade of 4th Dan black belt on 1/02/02

Awarded grade of 5th Dan black belt on 14/11/09

On the retirement of senior instructor became head of federation. re formed structure and put new guide lines in place to forward the growth of the new federation M.S.K.F. (Midland Shotokan Karate Federation).

The instructors at Stafford Martial Arts Academy have one aim, to help you become a better martial artist and further the teaching of karate.

Improve Your Karate and Become a Better Martial Artist – call Paul on 07977 697 689

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